Occupy the Stage  Mission Statement and Philosophy


Occupy the Stage is a branch of Occupy NOLA that is dedicated to artists and artisans. We are committed to the belief that the arts and skilled trades are sacred. They belong to the people and are immune to censorship, gentrification, taxation or corporate consolidation. These are the basic necessities for civilization and are considered incorruptible.Occupy the Stage had a warehouse on Toulouse street for over a year. GAs, teach-ins, and community workshops were held here. Workshops include a bicycle shop, a computer shop, a wood-working shop, an arts and crafts center, a music workshop and media workshop. Occupy The Stage also hosted a communal library and was home to three tentmonsters. In March of 2013, Justin Warren turned the least of the warehouse over to the collective, who chose to separate themselves from the Occupy name.  This website no longer represents the physical warehouse on Toulouse Street, but it’s still there.


To celebrate the performing arts, Occupy The Stage has featured live music shows. Past performances have included Sweet Street Symphony, Titanium Caterpillars, Saint Bell, Nasimiyu, The Reverend Spooky La Strange and Her Billion Dollar Baby Dolls, Curie, and Siren. Occupy the Stage also performs with a portable puppet theater and launched TriLumination Projection Squad to project videos on urban walls. Members belong to the krewedelusion Guise of Fawkes Krewe and parade during Mardi Gras.Occupy the Stage can be found in the streets or by contacting us.

Email: occupythestagenola@gmail.com
Please feel free to contact Justin for more information at 504 400 2284.