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Occupy The Stage is no longer located at the warehouse on Toulouse Street. Find us in the streets, or Contact Us!



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Guise of Fawkes Krewe will march in krewedelusion 2015.


Guise of Fawkes, a Mardi Gras krewe founded by members of Occupy The Stage, will march in krewedelusion 2015 and at other times!

To join Guise of Fawkes, you must contact the Captain – small affair.

To march in krewedelusion, you must pay dues to krewedelusion, which you can do on the krewedelusion website AFTER contacting the Captain of Guise of Fawkes.

Guise of Fawkes is a revolution themed krewe that parades with krewedelusion and at other times of the year and honors arrested anons, whistle-blowers, and political prisoners. Our themes involve protesting corporate corruption, and our demonstrations raise awareness to carry on the work of those who sacrificed their freedom for all of us.

If you’ll be in New Orleans during the 2014 Mardi Gras season and are interested in joining, please read our bylaws and contact Guise of Fawkes at guiseoffawkes@gmail.com or occupythestagenola@gmail.com

Guise of Fawkes has a Tumblr blog and a Facebook page and Twitter account, but we don’t really check our Facebook page, so please contact us by email if you don’t know how to find us.

Dancing for Donations to Assist Arrested Anons

Supporters of the Anonymous Solidarity Network have been dancing for donations to assist FreeAnons.org!

Below is an OTS performance featuring a spy doing a burlesque-style strip dance to help #FreeAnons raise donations to assist arrested anons.

There is even a Facebook Event for sharing these videos!

And if you like the video and have money to donate to a good cause, help out Free Anons HERE!



Documenting gentrification in New Orleans and following the money. We will not be gentrified, and we will not be silent. Check out The Rabbit Hole – where we keep track of noteworthy articles/websites and let us know if you have something we should add!We remain a work in progress!

Rest In Power, Herman Wallace



We Do Not Forget
Cleveland 4 Solidarity



Occupy NOLA 
has its own 
website here!   To our knowledge, Occupy NOLA no longer meets. We have all the minutes of every GA meeting, including the ones at which the people operating the hijacked Occupy New Orleans Facebook page were disbarred for theft and sabotage. If people want to start having General Assemblies again, they should find small affair and ask her for access to the Occupy NOLA website, which she may share with you at her discretion. We have nothing to do with Facebook Events posted on the Hijacked Occupy New Orleans Facebook page, and nobody ever shows up for those huge marches promoted by someone living in Florida. We’re busy working with actual New Orleanians who are deeply invested in grassroots social justice causes.


Long live Herman Wallace!
Free Albert Woodfox and all political prisoners!
Abolish Solitary Confinement!Turning Grief Into Strength; Oct. 12 Memorial Service in NOLA – details at Angola 3 News

On October 1, 2013, Angola 3 member Herman Wallace has been released from prison in Louisiana after 42 years in solitary confinement. He was greeted in New Orleans by supporters singing and holding a vigil.small affair’s video is included below:

TriLumination Projection Squad

Bringing  Indy media to the streets!


Guise of Fawkes and OpValentine on Mardi Gras Day


Guise of Fawkes with krewedelusion


Occupy The Stage’s Krewe Guise of Fawkes built float 6 in krewedelusion, the parade that rolled after Krewe du Vieux on Jan 19. Our theme: “Go Fawkes Yourself.”

ACLU Defends Occupy The Stage Plaintiff


Because money is not more important than constitutional rights, despite what the Clean Zone Ordinances indicated.

We won!

Occupy The Stage is a branch
of Occupy NOLA that
is dedicated to the
arts and artisans.
We are committed
to the belief that
the arts and skilled
trades are sacred.
They belong to the people
and are immune
to censorship, gentrification
taxation or corporate
consolidation. These are
the basic necessities for
civilization and are
considered incorruptible.

OTS live interview with OPN

On January 24, 2013, Other Possibilities Network interviewed Occupy The Stage. Check out the video that show cases our new workshops.
The Political Puppet Show

filmed at Occupy The Stage

Occupy Puppet Theater!


The Occupy Puppet Theater performed at a Charivarie across from the Federal Reserve on December 14 to protest Austerity.

From 2012

Occupy The Roads at OTS December

Debt Burn at Global Day of Action to Reclaim Education

Chalkupy Obama July 25

Occupy Caravan June 19

People who make our website work

Things We Like


Walmart Elves

This Is Occupy The Stage


Founding Member of Occupy The Stage Jail Support News


After being held in Orleans Parrish Prison for making a speech from Wednesday at 1 am until early Tuesday morning, founding member of Occupy The Stage was transferred to East Baton Rouge where he was finally released around 8:30 pm Central Time. Members of OTS met him at the gate.Thank you everyone who supported us during this week of Jail Support.

He discussed his arrest and made his speech on WBOK-AM radio from 2-3 pm Central on June 27.

Speech Founding Member of OTS was reading in Baton Rouge 

Jail Support Update

Thank you all for the generous show of solidarity when helping Occupy The Stage raise money to Free Justin Warren. We will continue to update info  regarding court costs.

Live Updates!


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